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Robert Brough

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
As the Co-CEO of Classic SleepCare, Robert implemented the Healthscope offshoring solution in his own business, saving the company $4.6 million dollars in the first year post full implementation. Rob has had 10 years healthcare related experience, successfully working with his partner Robert Fallan growing a startup in California to serving patients across 32 states. Rob has senior executive experience in a wide range of business verticals in his career including footwear manufacturing, agriculture, construction and digital marketing. Rob is an attorney by training with a Bachelor of Jurisprudence, Bachelor of Laws (Honors) and a Master of Business Administration from Bond University in Australia.

Robert Fallan

As the Co-CEO of Classic SleepCare, Robert oversaw the startup to $25M in revenue in the first 5 years across 32 states. With the changes in healthcare, his partner Rob Brough convinced him to offshore and he’s glad he did. It not only saved the company $4.6M in annual costs, it ensured the company’s survival. Robert has 14 years healthcare related experience in various roles including VP Sales, Director Patient Care and Co-CEO of the company he co-founded with his partner Rob Brough.

Katherine Royster

Founder & Executive Vice President, Business Development
Katherine joined Healthscope in January 2018 from Philips Healthcare. Katherine has over 20 years of successful healthcare experience. Holding positions in both DME and medical devices, she has acted in progressive roles including Sales, Sales Training, Senior Sales Management and Product Marketing as well as Operations. Katherine understands the unique challenges the DME business faces providing the best patient service while remaining profitable. Katherine holds a B.A. in Economics from Denison University in Granville, Ohio.
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